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Reward Points

How to earn K-points

To earn points, the customer should first complete a purchase from Kpophaulph.

Earn and Discount Rule:

Spent 1,000 pesos and earned 50 points. Get a 20 pesos discount on every 50 points. Valid on all items.​

Other ways to earn

Get an extra 10 points by successfully signing up. Valid for new customers.

Please use a valid email or log in using your Gmail account.

Your K-points rewards for signing up will automatically reflect on your account.

You can also get an extra 10 K-points when you successfully refer a new customer using your referral link!

How to use K-points

To claim your reward, wait for your order to be completed. You can check the status of your order on your Account > Orders.

Your K-points rewards for the completed order will automatically reflect on your account.

On your next purchase, you can use some or all of your points in your cart, and it will automatically discount your order.

Other Benefits

Reach 2,500 K-points and get a 10% discount on all albums for a month! Happy earning!