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Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer must be a sure buyer. Customers can cancel their orders within 24 hours to refund the whole amount. When cancelled after 24 hours, the customer will receive half of the payment if fully paid, or none if not fully paid.

  2. Kpophaulph only offers their services to customers who are willing to wait. All the products offered on this website are for pre-order. An item's estimated time of arrival to PH Customs is usually 4-5 weeks after shipment date. There will be delays that cannot be used as an excuse to cancel an order.

  3. Customers must be registered with the correct details and a valid email address that customers can access regularly. Kpophaulph shall not be held liable when item/s were not reserved/delivered due to wrong information provided.

  4. Kpophaulph's courier is J&T Express only. Customers cannot request for other couriers.

  5. Kpophaulph will not be able to send photos before shipment due to batch orders. Do not worry as items will always be shipped in good condition.

  6. Kpophaulph shall not be held liable for manufacturing defects or damage/s due to courier's fault.

  7. For payment of order/s, only the given Mode of Payments (Paypal, BDO, Metrobank, G-cash, SmartPadala, and Cash on Delivery) will be accepted. Buyers shall shoulder the transaction fee of the chosen mode of payment.

  8. Orders will only be processed once the order confirmation has been received and the payment has been confirmed.

  9. All shipping costs should be shouldered by the customer unless mentioned otherwise.

  10. Orders will be cancelled due to the following reasons:

  • Product is unavailable for any reason.

*In case the item purchased is unavailable, you may choose to either have the payment refunded, or exchange it to another item available that you can use for future purchases.

  • Failed to pay the full amount on the given date of payment.

  1. Every item offered has Pre-Order Benefits (POB) but there will be circumstances that customers could not avail the POB when it is limited or on a first come first serve basis.

  2. Shipping and Returns Policy must be accepted.


Kpophaulph reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.